[Kolab-devel] OL FB problem!

Bernhard Reiter bernhard at intevation.de
Tue Nov 9 17:31:38 CET 2004

Even according to Michel's nice instructions for setting
up Toltec as Kolab2 clients (doc3.sxw in CVS)
I could not make OL fetch freebuys lists yesterday.

I suspect two problems here:
	1. OL does not ask the server for FBs.

	2. OL does not understand the current FBs generated
	by the server.

1.) is the most critical one, 
	because I have found that we do have calFBURL in our schema 
	(Martin committed it early October).

     and I can get Outlook to ask for a FB list when 
     I put in the right URL in the contact for this person.
     Then I do see the request in the access log.
     My fear is: Outlook looks up the person in contacts or via ldap
     and when it does find an empty calFBURL it does not query the 
     configured general one.

 	We cannot popluate this setting in LDAP because it currently
	must contain the authentification credentials of the user.
	If we wanted to populate it, we would need to make access
	to the .ifb unrestricted.

	Possible other solutions
		- Rename the attribute.
		Ugly, because we could deviate from the standard.

		- Remove the attribute again.
		(This test would confirm that this is the problem.)

2.) Also needs debugging. I can see on the access log that OL
correctly got the FB list and using a webbrowser with the same URL,
I also get it, but it looks reasonalbe. Still OL does not display it.
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