[Kolab-devel] folder annotations lost for ressource account

Andreas Gungl a.gungl at gmx.de
Wed Nov 3 13:03:43 CET 2004

> On Wednesday 03 November 2004 12:21, Bernhard Reiter wrote: 
> > On Wednesday 03 November 2004 11:47, David Faure wrote: 
> > > On Wednesday 03 November 2004 10:01, Andreas Gungl wrote: 
> > > > I found, that recently one of my ressource accounts has lost the 
> > > > annotation for the Calendar and the Tasks folder. Can someone tell 
> me how 
> > > > to get them back without recreating that account? Is there any 
> which 
> > > > can help? 
BTW, my workaround was to rename the folder using cyradm and to send a new 
event to the ressource account which triggers the creation of the Calendar 
folder with correct annotation. Then I used Mozilla to move the messages 
in the saved folder back into the new one. Afterwards I deleted the no 
longer needed folder via cyradm. 
> > Do you have an idea how you lost them? 
> > Steffen: Any idea how this could happen during normal operation. 
> Can't be steffen's fault, more likely kmail's, i.e. mine. 
> But I can't see how it would happen anymore, although there were such 
> in the past. 
Sorry, I have no idea. Perhaps the horde web client mixed it up, but I 
can't correlate that directly. At least the web client is guilty changing 
the ACLs occasionally. 
However I've never accessed that account with Kontact or any other MUA 
like Mozilla, OL etc. 
> > > telnet always helps... 
Thanks, David. I actually thought I missed something in cyradm. But telnet 
is fine as well. 
> > It should also be possible to log in with a KDE Kolab client and 
> re-adjust, 
> > wouldn't it? 
> No, since you guys wanted to disable changing the type of a folder after 
> creating it, 
> since Outlook doesn't support it. So there is no way to change the 
> contents type, 
> which would be the way to "fix" this. 
I didn't try. IMO, the predefined groupware folders don't have this 
setting as David explained. Other folders can be adjusted. Perhaps it 
would work for the calendar folder if groupware support is disabled. 
Please consider bringing back this setting for all IMAP folders. 

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