[Kolab-devel] folder annotations lost for ressource account

David Faure faure at kde.org
Wed Nov 3 12:33:44 CET 2004

On Wednesday 03 November 2004 12:21, Bernhard Reiter wrote:
> On Wednesday 03 November 2004 11:47, David Faure wrote:
> > On Wednesday 03 November 2004 10:01, Andreas Gungl wrote:
> > > I found, that recently one of my ressource accounts has lost the
> > > annotation for the Calendar and the Tasks folder. Can someone tell me how
> > > to get them back without recreating that account? Is there any tool which
> > > can help?
> Do you have an idea how you lost them?
> Steffen: Any idea how this could happen during normal operation.
Can't be steffen's fault, more likely kmail's, i.e. mine.
But I can't see how it would happen anymore, although there were such bugs
in the past.

> > telnet always helps...
> It should also be possible to log in with a KDE Kolab client and re-adjust,
> wouldn't it?

No, since you guys wanted to disable changing the type of a folder after creating it,
since Outlook doesn't support it. So there is no way to change the contents type,
which would be the way to "fix" this.

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