[Kolab-devel] Server side FB timezone problem

Andreas Gungl a.gungl at gmx.de
Tue Nov 2 15:35:04 CET 2004

I'm using the packages from Okt, 28 from the mirrors. I have a problem 
creating an event in KOrganizer/Kontact and inviting a ressource account. 
The FB data for the ressource is wrong compared to the data stored in the 
event in the IMAP folder of the inviting account. 
The Kontact side is okay as far as XML data, timezone settings etc. are 
concerned. The server side FB view is wrong as well as the FB data of the 
ressource account retrieved from the server and shown in Kontact. 
Can you please verify and confirm the problem with CVS? I don't have CVS 
access available, so I don't simply want to create an issue in the 

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