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Hi, (Sorry for the delay)

On Saturday 24 January 2004 00:12, Thomas Lotterer wrote:
> Take care of the template files' owner/group and permissions. Also
> check the parent folders. We don't want anybody to set CHANGED_CMD to
> something dangerous. I would suggest that the code that reads the meta
> template and executes the CMD should be picky about the file system
> permissions and refuse processing files violating obvious rules.
What kind of rules would you suggest? Obviously anything that increases
priviledge could be flagged.

> Where does $prefix come from? I would expect to see a @l_prefix@ in
> the source package template to be substituted by "shtool subst" during
> install and creation of the binary package. 
$prefix was inherited from the Perl kolab listener (it keeps an internal variable
called $prefix) It probably makes more sense using @l_prefix@ and letting
the packaging system resolve this during installation of the package.

> So the installed version
> would have /kolab hardcoded. If you want to be prepared for post-install
> relocation then the variable substitution mechanism should be explained,
> so we would be prepared to "escape".
This is theoretically possible, but highly unlikely. In the case of the template
files I dont think we _really_ need $prefix

> Without going too deep into the topic I see some more meta information
> being required. One is a PRIORITY (easy) or DEPENDENCY (scope creep
> dangerzone) setting to control template application order. The other is
> something like EXECUID/EXECGID to allow processing with non-root rights.
Cool :-) Of course anyone will be able to hack the Kolab::Conf module and
send in patches. We were also thinking about directive like: append_

This would allow us to enable/disable functionality on the fly. Here is an

When installing amavisd-new on Kolab you need to append a couple of lines
to the master.cf.template and main.cf.template files. Here is how the meta 
mechanism could be used for main.cf.template

content_files = smtp:[]:10024

> Last but not least, there is a smoldering topic which is worth it's own
> thread. So I'll go out and create one.

going there now... :-)
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