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Martin Konold martin.konold at erfrakon.de
Thu Jan 22 08:30:15 CET 2004

Am Wednesday 21 January 2004 08:25 pm schrieb Andreas Gungl:

Hi Andreas,

> > 1) zfos uses pure OpenPKG-current packages, the erfrakon releases have
> > some packages with patches which diverge from OpenPKG. I cant say for
> > sure, but I think that most of the important patches from erfrakon have
> > been integrated into OpenPKG-current.

zfos is much uptodate and incorporates all important patches.

> > 2) The zfos distribution uses the obmtool scripts to install Kolab, where
> > the erfrakon release uses the QIM.

The obmtool is the way to go. The QIM was never ment to be a holy grail but a 
help for people wanting to get involved. Actually Thomas Lotterer is a very 
experiences OpenPKG contributor and brings much OpenPKG expertise to Kolab.

Now I only whish OpenPKG would already support shared libraries ;-)

> > 3) The zfos distribution uses only the native rc (startup and shutdown)
> > scripts with the builtin OpenPKG mechanisms, where the in the erfrakon
> > release the process is handled by the rc.kolab script (although monit was
> > supposed to manage this, but never worked consistently)

When we initially did Kolab we indeed wanted to use monit and failed to get 
the OpenPKG native rc statup working correctly. In the meantime OpenPKG 
improved tremendeously and the native OpenPKG techniques are prefered 
whereever reasonable.

> > (Needed some extra libraries and mysql)

Introducing a dependency to MySQL is not a good thing. For technology and 
licensing reasons.

-- martin

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