[Kolab-devel] More information on proftpd

Martin Konold martin.konold at erfrakon.de
Sun Feb 29 22:24:48 CET 2004

Am Saturday 28 February 2004 15:38 schrieb Ian Reinhart Geiser:

Hi Ian,

> > This must be a missunderstanding.
> > http://www.kroupware.org/architecture-1.1/x516.html
> > "Herein it can be configured to allow a store-only incoming directory for
> > the free-busy lists for all groupware users. [...] Its only functionality
> > on the Kolab server is the legacy mode to enable Windows clients to
> > publish their free-busy lists via anonymous FTP on the server. If only
> > KDE clients connect, the FTP functionality is not needed."
> Yes it is a misunderstanding.  I am on win2k with outlook 2k NOT KDE, so I
> only have local win2k workstations attaching to this server.  There are no
> sniffers, and if there are the infrastructure has worse fears. 

Ok, you assuming a save environment.

> In an ideal 
> world there would be no remote access via FTP.... but this is the real
> world with real users and real admins who are not going to give everyone
> access to the same free busy lists.

On one hand you must be aware of the fact that FTP is only used for uploading 
not for downloading with Kolab. On the other hand when using real passwords 
for ftp  you increase the security /identity thefts problems instead of 
decreasing them.

Last but not least when using W3K and _not_ NT 4 you may use the secure 
builtin webdavs instead of ftp. As stated before ftp is only required for 
legacy NT 4 clients not for KDE nor W2K clients.

-- martin

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