[Kolab-devel] Webclient Status (was: Whats bad with Webmin?)

m.stolte at datadevil.demon.nl m.stolte at datadevil.demon.nl
Wed Feb 25 08:58:49 CET 2004

Quoting Stephan Buys <list at codefusion.co.za>:

> For all who would be interested:
> 1) The webclient now supports Meeting Requests, Free/Busy time checking and 
> Calendar Sharing (plus Out-Of-Office, Forwarding, Password Changing, Notes,
> Contacts,
> etc.) 

very cool!!

> 2) We are also using a PHP accelerator which makes the experience very
> pleasant.
> Our target release date is the 1st of March, but as it is with these things,
> this timeline
> might get bounced out...

sure, i reread my question, and I hope you didnt think I was complaining, I just
would like this very much.
> You can already find a lot of our work in Horde CVS if you are interested (a
> lot of 
> the work has already been merged, as we do not want to maintain a fork of the
> Horde
> Web Client like with previous releases).
also a very cool decision.


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