[Kolab-devel] Whats bad with Webmin?

Maarten Stolte m.stolte at datadevil.demon.nl
Wed Feb 25 01:53:22 CET 2004

Stephan Buys wrote:

>Hi all,
>Just wondering if it would be worthwhile investigating Webmin for the management
>of the Kolab server? I have never liked/used webmin but it seems to be recurring
>theme with my clients.
same here, not on the clients though, but on other people on irc asking 
me about it etc.

>Users like webmin because they can manage Postfix mail queues, etc. through it.
>It should also in theory be easy to extend Webmin to include plugins for 
>Kolab-specific tasks. 
yep, there are lots of plugins, and thus it is probably very possible 
for kolab too

>Seeing that one of Kolab's design were that it "not re-invent the wheel", ie. use
>proven components like Postfix, OpenLDAP, etc., maybe it makes sense to use
>something like Webmin for administration of the server?
i'm all for it.
I'd also like to (again) ask if there is any progress on the webclient, 
and on the native linux clients, and on the native redhat derived rpms 
some company from Canada was working on iirc.


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