[Kolab-devel] OpenPKG v2.0 approaching

Thomas Lotterer thl at dev.de.cw.com
Tue Feb 10 00:56:44 CET 2004

Dear valued OpenPKG "customer"!

I want you to be aware that the next release of OpenPKG is targeted to
hit the road in two or three weeks. The project yesterday passed the
point where we consider our code being feature complete. This week we
focus our efforts on fixing packages. Next week the OPENPKG_2_0_SOLID
branch will be created, packages being renumbered and while our build
farm will busily build binaries we will work off the documentation.
We are very positive that we can successfully release OpenPKG v2.0 on

    Get involved!

You are invited to test the CURRENT stuff now before the release is
nailed in stone. Please provide feedback to us. It will surely pay off
in reduced maintenance efforts later on.

    mailto:openpkg-dev at openpkg.org
    http://marc.theaimsgroup.com/?l=openpkg-dev [archive]

Note that any new release renders the last supported one void. Don't
fall behind. Plan and execute upgrades appropriately. In the absence of
complete documentation here are some entry points to information that
guide you towards a successful lab experience:

There is a special gem for the Kolab community and anyone who wants to
automate deployment of OpenPKG from scratch. Watch out for README, the
obmtool and obmtool.conf in the kolab-20040209-20040209 or later folder
below ftp://ftp.zfos.org/brew/kolab/SRC/

Thank you for flying OpenPKG.


Thomas.Lotterer at cw.com, Project Manager OpenPKG 2.0
Lead Engineer Change Management and Version Control
IT/CSOC, DCS, Cable & Wireless Telco. Services GmbH

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