[Kolab-devel] Extra functionality for vacation message system

Tom Hibbert tom at nsp.co.nz
Wed Aug 25 07:31:09 CEST 2004

Hi all,

I recently installed Kolab for one of our clients, who use it and find it very likeable ☺
However, one thing they wanted was the ability to have a user set an automated vacation message, AND have Kolab forward the message to another account.
Reading the Sieve RFC I found that it wasn’t limited to just one operation on an inbound message. So I have hacked up the vacation message interface on the Kolab admin frontend to allow this. I also cleaned up the default message a little, filling in the users full name from the corresponding entry in the LDAP as well as printing their return date.

Hopefully 186 lines isn’t too long a patch to post here!


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