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Corey corey_s at qwest.net
Wed Aug 11 15:51:33 CEST 2004

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On Wednesday 11 August 2004 06:29 pm, Richard Bos wrote:
> > My goal is to begin looking into the prospect of creating a real, actual
> > gentoo ebuild for kolab. Doing so using the rpm's or openpkg's has many
> > inherent issues.
> >
> > Aside from gentoo, it seems to me that it would make alot of sense if
> > kolab were packaged/distributed in a much more distro-agnostic fashion.
> >
> Corey,
> sometime ago I started with autoconfiscation of kolab, so it would be
> possible to run ./configure, make, make install and the correct settings
> would be applied automatically to your system (if known of course).   At
> the moment I lack time to continue with that.  My suggestion is that you
> continue the autoconfiscation of kolab, what would you give automatically
> the gentoo ebuild possibility.
> Let me know, if you like the idea.  I can you bring you up to speed.  As an
> example have a look kolab-webadmin cvs module.

This is great news - yes, I'm very interested in continuing your efforts; lets

Today and tomorrow I'm going to go ahead and generally acclimate/familiarize 
myself with the kolab distro, sources, and install.  I'll work from the 
Kolab2 base as has been suggested.

When I got a better overall feel of things, I'll send you a note so we can go 
over where you left off; I'm certain I'll have a few questions!



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