[Kolab-devel] non rpm/openpkg sources

Martin Konold martin.konold at erfrakon.de
Wed Aug 11 11:54:26 CEST 2004

Am Mittwoch, 11. August 2004 01:03 schrieb Corey:


In general I recommend you to put your efforts in the already nicely 
stabalizing Kolab 2.x branch.

> How about the same, but for the latest/current development, or Kolab 2.x
> sources?

Please have a look at 	


There you can find the OpenPKG rpms. You can easily extract the contents using 
rpm2cpio. In addition there is the obmtool.conf which tells you the building 
options required for Kolab. Last but not least be aware of the fact that some 
components e.g. the Cyrus imapd requires patches from us. 

All information is nicely packed into the rpms and it should be straight 
forward to extract them.

> My goal is to begin looking into the prospect of creating a real, actual
> gentoo ebuild for kolab.

Cool! While I do not know Gentoo I am wondering if you have special 
requirements with regards to the filesystem hierarchy? I am mentioning that 
because our autotools support is incomplete in this regard.

> Aside from gentoo, it seems to me that it would make alot of sense if kolab
> were packaged/distributed in a much more distro-agnostic fashion.

Well, there is the cvs.... You can of course get the stuff from there but 
there are implicit dependencies on the versions of some products e.g. the 
LDAP , SMTP and IMAP server.

-- martin

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