[Kolab-devel] Public Kolab Bugtracker

Bernhard Reiter bernhard at intevation.de
Thu Oct 23 20:01:11 CEST 2003

We've set up a fresh public issue tracker 
for the Kolab project at:


It runs a fixed and improved version of roundup 0.6.2.
We should evolve it over time to make it fit perfectly
for the Kolab project needs.

There is the possiblity to edit "keywords" which are
some sort of category, but we also could come up 
with a completely new class of things which can be tracked,
not just issues. 

Note that everybody can register as a "provisonal user"
getting the possiblity to submit issues and edit their own issues.
Admin later can upgrade those users to project members.

Our plan is to change the name of the URL once
somebody from our companies is in control of a nicer one.

Note that the semi-public tracker of the Kroupware
project already contains a lot of  issues.
We should think of a strategy if you want to move
part of those in the future.

This annoucement goes to kolab-devel first
so that all developers get a chance to comment
the tracker before we more officially annouce it on the kroupware-list
and the webpages.

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