[Kolab-devel] New Kolab Wishlist Forum

Stephan Buys list at codefusion.co.za
Fri Oct 17 16:41:11 CEST 2003

We can easily modify the topics later to reflect that they have been 
accepted into the official "wish list for the next version" with an associated
issue number. 

With this people can discuss ideas, etc. Without clogging up the issue

On Friday 17 October 2003 16:08, Bernhard Reiter wrote:
> On Thursday 16 October 2003 18:24, Stephan Buys wrote:
> > I have created a Kolab Wishlist Forum under http://eforum.de/
> >
> > I will attempt to post most of the wishes that I am aware of to the forum
> > for general discussion. Also, all interested parties are urged to make
> > sure that their wish/feature is included in the forum.
> >
> > Remember, this forum is relevant to the Clients and the Server.
> I don't have enough experience with web forums
> so I'm not sure if it will be suited for good discussions of the wishes.
> By friday next week we will have a new public tracker
> for kolab bugs which we also could use for feature requests.
> The tracking software will be based on roundup.
> It still might make sense to first enter the wishes in eform
> and discussion them before they become a more
> direct feature request. :)

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