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Jan Schneider jan at horde.org
Tue Oct 7 15:14:10 CEST 2003

Zitat von Jan Schneider <jan at horde.org>:

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> Hi Jan,
> We will definitely contribute our changes to the Horde team, and I think
> we would also prefer to work directly on the Horde code (would make it
> easier to distribute the webclient, i.e. instruct users to checkout the
> Horde CVS instead of us packaging old Horde snapshots and having to
> upload them somewhere).


> A problem though is that the CVS code may be broken when a user checks
> it out (as what happened occasionally when we were updating our
> snapshot), which is not exactly ideal. At least with a snapshot we can
> do some basic testing to ensure the major functions work correctly, etc.

I understand that. Though the CVS code is generally very stable.

> Another problem is the release date of version 1 of the webclient - I am
> not sure of the Horde release schedule, but we are looking to get the
> Kolab Webclient finished relatively soon (i.e. the next couple of
> weeks/months at the latest). We are however constrained by Horde with

We are currently preparing for entering the beta stage of Horde 3 and most
of the modules. Of course I can't give any timeframe when we finally
release the new majors, but "next couple of months" sounds good. ;-)

> regards to this, as some features we require are only present in CVS,
> and then we also have the problem of basing a `final version' of the
> webclient on an unstable CVS base. When do you guys plan on releasing
> the next stable version (I couldn't seem to find a release schedule on
> the website)?. Also how would one go about becoming a Horde developer?

You should start by sending patches to the current CVS. After a while you
can get a CVS account so that you can work directly on the CVS

> Unfortunately my messages to the general horde list are rejected, so I
> can't ask there.

You need to subscribe to the lists. See http://horde.org/mail/ for details.


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