[Kolab-devel] Kolab WebClient RC1 release

Stuart Bingë s.binge at codefusion.co.za
Tue Oct 7 12:18:59 CEST 2003

Hi Jan,

We will definitely contribute our changes to the Horde team, and I think 
we would also prefer to work directly on the Horde code (would make it 
easier to distribute the webclient, i.e. instruct users to checkout the 
Horde CVS instead of us packaging old Horde snapshots and having to 
upload them somewhere).

A problem though is that the CVS code may be broken when a user checks 
it out (as what happened occasionally when we were updating our 
snapshot), which is not exactly ideal. At least with a snapshot we can 
do some basic testing to ensure the major functions work correctly, etc.

Another problem is the release date of version 1 of the webclient - I am 
not sure of the Horde release schedule, but we are looking to get the 
Kolab Webclient finished relatively soon (i.e. the next couple of 
weeks/months at the latest). We are however constrained by Horde with 
regards to this, as some features we require are only present in CVS, 
and then we also have the problem of basing a `final version' of the 
webclient on an unstable CVS base. When do you guys plan on releasing 
the next stable version (I couldn't seem to find a release schedule on 
the website)?. Also how would one go about becoming a Horde developer? 
Unfortunately my messages to the general horde list are rejected, so I 
can't ask there.

- Stuart

Jan Schneider wrote:
> Great news!
> But I still would appreciate it if you instead would work directly on the
> Horde code so that we could integrate your Kolab drivers into our codebase
> and to save you some hassle when updating to newer Horde versions.
> I see not much use of forking the Horde code and maintaining it seperately.
> As you said it's based on a snapshot that may contain bugs that have been
> fixed since.

Stuart Bingë
Code Fusion cc.
Tel: +27 11 391 1412
Email: s.binge at codefusion.co.za

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