[Kolab-announce] Kolab 2.4 Community Edition EOL

van Meeuwen, Jeroen jeroen at kolab.org
Wed Nov 13 13:13:12 CET 2013

Dear community,

This is an announcement declaring Kolab 2.4 community edition 
End-of-Life effective immediately.

Thanks to the release of Kolab 3.1 last week, we have finally found the 
opportunity to declare Kolab 2.4 community edition End-of-Life.

Kolab 2.4 has only ever existed as the intermediate between Kolab 2.3 
(you may remember Horde and OpenPKG), and Kolab 3 (native packages, now 
two stable releases in). As such, it was a fast-track used only by very 
few community members, and was never really announced as being 

We believe it is therefore unlikely you'll be shedding any tears, but 
please believe me when I say this too is a milestone we've been looking 
forward to for quite some time, and as such is worth mentioning and 
celebrating ;-)

Kind regards,

-- Jeroen

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