[Kolab-announce] Kolab KDE Client 2.1.8 released, problematic special case

Ludwig Reiter Ludwig.Reiter at intevation.de
Tue Jul 31 14:38:02 CEST 2007

After delivering KDE Kontact Client proko2 2.1.8 we have found 
a problematic special case.

We recommend to only use this version, if you are sure that your users
will not be affected. An improved version 2.1.9 is scheduled to be 
released in week 32.

In version 2.1.8 we added following feature:
Incoming emails to all imap folders can be used as sources for filter-rules.

The problematic special case is:
When a user is given full rights to a new groupware folder, on the first
sync, the matching filter rules are applied.

This can lead to a problem, for example: a user has filters in place
that move incoming emails and is granted access to a new shared calender 
If the rules match, then the appointments are moved away as emails 
removing them from the calendar folder.

We are working on a version 2.1.9, 
in which the user has to configure the filtered folder explicitely.

   Ludwig Reiter
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