[Kolab-announce] Proko2 is Good News Towards Kolab2

Bernhard Reiter bernhard at intevation.de
Wed Apr 7 21:50:47 CEST 2004

Dear Members of the Kolab-Community,

"Proko2" is Good News: We can go towards Kolab2!

The companies Klarälvdalens Datakonsult AB, Erfrakon PartG and Intevation GmbH
have a new contract to deliver an advanced groupware solution.
"Proko2" (Project for Kolab2) is our code name for it. 

Though we cannot name our customers,
we will work with the community:
 * publish technical details about Proko2.
 * release our code as Free Software.
 * contribute to the Kolab project.

We envision to go for Kolab2.
When we started Kolab1 there was no community;
now our group now is part of one.
Proko2 has the highest priority for us
and we want to handle involved interests openly.
By taking the lead for Kolab2 we set out
to create a consistent groupware solution with good quality.
Anyone who wants to join and help pursing that goal is welcome!

We suggest that www.kolab.org will be the site driven by the community.
Separate web pages will document the contracts (Kroupware, Proko2).
Ideally www.kolab.org becomes first place to go for information about Kolab.

Current structure of the Kolab Project is threefold:

        1) Kolab Specification
	2) Server
	3) Client
		a) KDE
		b) Windows
		c) Web

Kolab was founded on the results of the now-finished "Kroupware" contract.
The architecture document became the Kolab1 specification.
Implementations are there for 2) (Kolab1 Server) and 3a) (KDE Kolab1 Client).
For 3b) there was the combination of OL2000 and Bynari v1 Plugin.
With Kolab1 it was impossible to work
on the same calender folder with both clients
due to incompatible storage formats.

What are our plans for Proko2?

	Make Kontact to be able to act as the KDE client.

	Come up with a Windows client option
	that can fully interact on the same data as the KDE Kolab2 client.
	In order to reach that goal we want to propose a common format
	that can be implemented by Outlook Plugins.

	Access control lists, groups, shared folders,
	multiple accounts in one client
	and facilities to see overview calenders
	shall enable delegation szenarios (secretary-boss)
	and projects group collaboration.

	Client convenience functions like:
	Better out-of-office messages and
	intelligent removal of outdated items.

	On the server side we also plan to add:
		* a virus filter,
		* user quotas,
		* more email aliases and email sending control,
		* the possibility that other LDAP servers can be used,
		* a multi location capabilities.

	Naturally we aim for making Proko2 production ready and supportable in
	German. This includes fixing bugs, enhancing usability, 
	writing documentation and have internationalisation.

	For all that we will propose a Kolab2 specification.

Towards creating a great Free Software groupware solution:
Give us your feedback!

	Bernhard Reiter, April the 7nd, 2004
	Proko2 Coordinator
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