imap problem

Ladislav Slanina ladas at
Fri Oct 18 14:42:54 CEST 2019

Hi again.

Aditional info:

1. Incomming emails are delivered correctly
2. I can login / logout into WEB GUI (LDAP should work)
3. Not possible start: systemctl start dirsrv at mail.service (but at another 
functional server I get the same error message)
4. All other services seems to work

Any ideas?

Greetings. ladas

> Hi everybody.
> Can somebody kick me to correct way?
> When I would like to send email from WEB GUI I get message: ERROR: SMTP
> ERROR: [554] 5.7.1 <DATA>> Data command rejected: Unverifiable sender.
> The same messag I discovered in maillog for Outlook comunication. Whole
> traffic stop! May I ask for some fast advice, please?
> Greetings, ladas
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