No contacts in roundcube

Saša Friedrich (BiTLAB) sasa.friedrich at
Thu Feb 28 10:02:15 CET 2019

I hope someone can help me. Today one of users reported that there are 
no contacts in roundcube.

I found that contacts are present in his imap spool. I deleted 
cyrus.cache and cyrus.index files an then reconstruct with:

/usr/lib/cyrus-imapd/reconstruct -rfx user/[my_user]/Contacts@[my_domain]

...nothing changed

I also tried to clear roundcube cache:

php -f plugins/libkolab/bin/ clear -v -u [user_email] -h 

...this didn't help eather

Then I tried to clear roundcube mysql contacts cache... no luck.

Now I'm out of ideas.

Contacts map is subscribed and according to roundcube it contains 14 
messages. I can also see 14 messages if I run:

kolab list-messages "user/[my_user]/Contacts@[my_domain]"

If I create new contact it is shown in roundcube normally. But 14 old 
contacts are still not there.

Any clue?

Thank you for help!


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