Missing Domains Options in kolab-webadmin

Kraus, Gero gero.kraus at rohedaten.de
Fri Feb 22 09:54:51 CET 2019

Hi Eric,

maybe you are just using the wrong login? You have to use the login name 
cn=Directory Manager. The password of this user you should have set 
during the setup process.

Am 22.02.2019 03:46, schrieb Eric B Munson:

> I am attempting to add a child domain to my setup and the docs I can 
> find tell me to log into the web admin and click "Domains".  
> Unfortunately, that is not an option because I only see: User, Groups, 
> Roles, Resources, Shared Folders, Utils, Settings, and About.  No 
> Domains option.  Is there something I need to configure?
> This is on Ubuntu 18.04.
> Thanks,
> Eric
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