Kolab Webadmin -> run script

Jan Kowalsky jankow at datenkollektiv.net
Sun Nov 11 19:25:38 CET 2018

Hi Hede,

Am 11.11.2018 um 12:04 schrieb hede:
> does anybody know a simple way of triggering a shell script after changing something (ldap) within the Kolab Web Admin? 
> I would like to sync the available Email addresses from kolab to some other mail host – without using a direct ldap connection between those hosts.

I would start to search here:

At least for adding users it is the right starting point. It should be
easy to trigger any command from inside the save function.

Another approach: search continuously for modified ldap entries with
ldapsearch and 'modifytimestamp=<SOMETHING'. If your ldap directory
isn't too big, it should be sufficient and you don't have to change the
kolab code (which could get broken after next update).


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