Moving accounts from Kolab 3 to Kolab 16

Hernan Saltiel hsaltiel at
Thu Nov 8 01:09:38 CET 2018


    Maybe this is something easy, but I don't know how to do it.

    Today we use an old Kolab 3 mail server, and installed a brand new
Kolab 16.

    I have all the mail users declared on the old Kolab 3, and need to move
the accounts one by one to the new one.

    I tried declaring a new account, just for test purposes, in the old
server, stating that the mail server is the new one. Then I declared the
same account on the new server. Sending and receiving from the new server
works great.

    I can declare the account on Thunderbird, for example, using the
information of the old server, and then I can send emails, but cannot check
the inbox contents.

    Is there any place where to read some material about how can I migrate
accounts, start using the new server, but continue having some accounts of
the same domain on the old one?

    Another issue is that if I want to send emails from the account on the
new server to accounts on the old one, I just received an "Undelivered Mail
Returned to Sender" message.

    Checked on the old server the kolabHomeServer, and on the new one the
same attribute (I do not see it on the new Kolab 16, was it replaced for
something else?).

    Thanks in advance for your attention, and best regards,
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