Possible service degradation or disruption on Kolab Now and Kolab.org

Georg Greve greve at kolabsystems.com
Fri Apr 22 16:48:54 CEST 2016

[ See also https://kolab-service-status.ghost.io/2016/04/22/possible-service-degradation-or-disruption-on-kolab-now-and-kolab-org/ ]

Dear Kolab.org Community,

As most of you know, we are not only providing the majority of development, 
resource and support for Kolab, we also offer it as a “Software as a Service” 
(SaaS) offering as “Kolab Now.” The beauty of this set-up is that people do not 
have to run their own servers, they can get Kolab as a service.  Also, it 
allows our users and customers to take advantage of extremely beneficial Swiss 
privacy laws.

As a secure, fully-featured enterprise collaboration provider, and the only 
one that is fully Open Source, as well as fully independent from the United 
States of America, we have many people place their confidence into our software 
and services.

Unfortunately this also seems to have put us on the radar as a potential 
victim of extortion by the criminal groups that have been holding to ransom 
other communication providers, banks, supermarkets and anyone else with 
substantial online services. Tuesday this week we received our ransom note, 
demanding we pay or face a large scale DDoS attack on all our services.

So our technical team has been scrambling to ensure we are as prepared as we 
can be for such a case before the attack begins, and we have put in place as 
many measures as possible while protecting and preserving the integrity and 
security of our infrastructure, services and the data of our customers.

But such situation always require setting priorities. And in this case we must 
prioritize the service to users of Kolab Now above all else, including some of 
our own internal systems, and also the Kolab.org community resources. In other 
words, you may find kolab.org, and its corresponding services, including 
git.kolab.org, unavailable while the attack is ongoing.

We will of course restore these services as quickly as possible, and still 
hope that it was an idle threat.

But we wanted to give you a heads up notice and ask for your patience and 

We have set up https://kolab-service-status.ghost.io for communication and 
updates and put up the background there https://kolab-service-status.ghost.io/2016/04/22/do-it-right-or-dont-do-it-at-all-part-iii/
while our own web sites may be impacted and we also suggest to keep an eye on 
https://twitter.com/kolabsupport as well as https://twitter.com/kolabops for 
those who are not afraid of strong language and technical lingo.

Best regards,

Your Kolab Team

Georg C. F. Greve
Chief Executive Officer

Kolab Systems AG            Kolab Enterprise
Zürich, Switzerland            Collaborate in Confidence

e: greve at kolabsystems.com
t: +41 78 904 43 33
w: http://kolabsystems.com

pgp: B358917A Georg C. F. Greve
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