Clamav stopped working, to old database... freshclam missing ?

Winfried Ritsch ritsch at
Tue Apr 12 18:13:57 CEST 2016


On an Kolab 16 and Centos 7, Installation on 2016-4-09 I did a yum update and 
afterwards all emails are reported as  "***UNCHECKED***" in subject.

It showed clamd at amavisd does not start and reports "database more than 7 days 

Looking at issues I found:
  "Running Kolab 16 and freshclam is still not provided"

I installed freshclam and it worked again but on install told me:

 ERROR: Corrupted database file /var/lib/clamav/main.cvd: Can't verify 
database integrity
 Corrupted database file renamed to /var/lib/clamav/main.cvd.broken

So my question is, since it worked  for a month:

How has clam database been updated in Kolab 16 without freshclam before ?

Did I something wrong installing freshclam by hand ?

I just wanted to get sure it works before I post here and found some on german 
kolab list with same problem, but we didn't find any hints, anyway I am  not a 
kolab specialist.


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