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Wed Apr 6 08:05:42 CEST 2016

Am Wed, 06 Apr 2016 11:39:49 +0800 schrieb Dugite-Code <dugite at>:

> Isn't Cisco's email encryption just a fancy pgp key exchange server?

Nope. AFAIK it's one of those web-based solutions where the "email" resides on some web server and email recipients are forced to register and login to some web services to receive those "email". This way the sender can delete "emails" afterwards and do other fancy stuff not posible with real emails. The "email" remains on the senders "mail"-server. The real email sent to the recipient contains only a link to the content and some explanation how to receive it - i.e. registering to the service. 

(Btw.: the security of the first contact is like sending the private key for your conversational partners (the one used for decryption) attached to the first email...)

Technically it's more like installing some web based internet forum (phpbb etc.) and sending personal messages (PM) inside those forum and the forum software informs the users by sending "you've got mail"-messages via email. Still I don't know if there are "PM-only" versions of such open source web forum software and some kind of email-to-pm-conversion plugins. ;-)

A possible solution for kolab would be auto-registering such conversational partners to the local email system and sending roundcube-logins to those... with a very restricted roundcube-skin, of course. 

Other IronPort Appliance features like spam and antivirus filtering is already included in Kolab. 

> Using a plugin like Mailvelope and attaching your public key (or your
> Key-ID and fingerprint for key-server lookup) is currently the most
> straight forward solution. 
> As far as I know there just isn't a nice simple way of encrypting emails
> yet.



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