Kolab files sync client and/or webdav mounting on openSUSE - own domain + Kolab Now subscription

indev@tangodelta.pl (Bartosz Bednarski) indev at tangodelta.pl
Sat Dec 5 20:00:34 CET 2015

Hello Kolab Users!

I have, what seems and pretty much is a basic question, but despite 
looking in many places:


I haven't found the answer:

how to mount a „Files” folder from Kolab on a local OS, like openSUSE?

I know, it's possible via webDAV, I just can't find the right 
configuration data. I'm using my own domain, so I have done even more 
head scratching.

My setup:

- A Kolab Now subscription with the file store option enabled;
- openSUSE Tumbleweed with KDE;
- Kolab uses domain example.tld, so my email is thedude at example.com;

I also noticed, that when logging via the webmail, I see what seems to 
by the UUID of my account in my address bar. Is this important for the 

Is it even possible with Kolab Now? I know about Seafile and there's an 
option in Kontact to add storage providers, but... one step at a time :)

I see I'm not the only one asking similar questions:


Have a nice day and keep Kolabing ;)

Z pozdrowieniami / with regards,
Tango "Bartosz Bednarski" Delta

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