Sync /seen flag from server to devices connected via ActiveSync possible?

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Wed May 28 17:40:43 CEST 2014

So how would I enable this on my server?  All my Android devices now run
4.4.2 and I would greatly like this "feature" to be enabled.  Is this a
change and recompile, or is it a configuration variable?


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Unfortunately not. Android supports multiple calendars via Activesync since
4.4, and I explicitly enabled multiple calendar support by adding the device
type to the $ext_devices list in the syncroton source code.

For pre-4.4 devices, additional calendars are just ignored. Now, I have two
or more Calendars just called "Calendar". I suppose only the IMAP folder
name is used. Instead, there should be a more meaningful label such as
"Mike's Calendar" for shared calendars. 

I suppose iOS devices also just show "Calendar" as label for each shared



Am 28.05.2014 um 10:50 schrieb Torsten Grote <torsten at>:

> On Tuesday 27 May 2014 22:39:37 Konstantin Schorp wrote:
>> In general, Activesync support is still a little wonky (shared 
>> calendars from other users all showing up as "Calendar", rendering 
>> them undistinguishable and therefore unusable).
> This is most likely a limitation of your Android device that only 
> supports one calender, therefore the Kolab ActiveSync Server merges 
> them together to show you all the events anyway.
> Only most recent versions of Android support multiple calenders via 
> ActiveSync, but I think this is not yet enabled in our code.
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