Can´t get Kolab up and running with new CentOS-packages

Urban Emanuel at
Thu May 15 16:54:12 CEST 2014

Hello list,

I tried a fresh installation of Kolab with the updated CentOS-packages
(which appeared a few days ago). I tried to stick to the install guide
to the letter (hostname, selinux etc.).

Install went smoothly (with the exception of the empty amavisd.conf,
which I fixed manually).

However, when I create a new user in webadmin, the mailbox is not fully
created, and kolabd produces these errors every few seconds:

May 15 16:37:06 pim imaps[12375]: starttls: TLSv1.2 with cipher
DHE-RSA-AES256-GCM-SHA384 (256/256 bits new) no authentication
May 15 16:37:06 pim ptloader[2144]: LDAP search for domain failed.
May 15 16:37:06 pim imaps[12375]: ptload(): bad response from ptloader
server: identifier not found
May 15 16:37:06 pim imaps[12375]: ptload completely failed: unable to
canonify identifier: charlie.test at
May 15 16:37:06 pim imaps[12375]: SASL bad userid authenticated
May 15 16:37:06 pim imaps[12375]: badlogin: localhost [::1] PLAIN
[SASL(-13): authentication failure: bad userid authenticated]

Output from "kolab lm" shows that no folders are created:

# kolab lm
user/charlie.test at

I am not able to login with the user as well.

Every 3-4 seconds I see the log entries from above, and every time an
unsuccessfull LDAP search is performed against the directory server.
This is more try and error to be honest, but I noticed (while sniffing
the LDAP communication) that the LDAP bind is performed with success,
but the search request that follows gets an empty response. Here is a
corresponding line from the slapd log:

[15/May/2014:16:43:59 +0200] conn=8 op=2427 SRCH base="" scope=2
attrs="associatedDomain inetDomainBaseDN"

The problem here could be the empty search base (no
"cn=kolab,cn=config"), but that´s just a wild guess. (domain_base_dn is
correctly set in kolab.conf: domain_base_dn = cn=kolab,cn=config)

Any ideas what went wrong?

Thanks in advance

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