How to increase the message size

hede kolab983 at
Mon May 12 08:45:54 CEST 2014

Am Sun, 11 May 2014 16:44:06 -0700
schrieb Thomas Spuhler <thomas.spuhler at>:

> How do In increase the size of e-mails I can send or accept.
> There is a way of setting it in the kolab-webadmin but it seems to
> have no effect.

I don't know if there's some webadmin-thing. But I had a size problem
because I use kolab as a backend at home while using a mail
account with my provider and using fetchmail to get all the mails from
my domain. My provider accepts all mails and if someone sends a big
email (e.g. with a size of 20 or 30 Megabytes) then fetchmail errors
while the mail is already accepted by my provider. 

I changed the limit option in fetchmailrc (uncommon for common kolab
users) and:

message_size_limit = 204800000
mailbox_size_limit = 204800000

in /etc/postfix/ 


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