Recurring calendar events

Stefan Froehlich stefan at
Sun Dec 30 01:10:17 CET 2012

I have another problem with recurring events. I'd like to enter 
Birthdays to my calendar. In Roundcube I enter the birthday event so 
that it starts in the year of birth and let it repeat annually. Now the 
following happens:
1) The event is not transferred to my Android at all. If I change the 
recurrence to monthly and repeat every 12 month it is transferred. If I 
change it on the Android device to yearly it is transferred back OK but 
I can't change the recurrence because Roundcube tells me that there is 
no recurrence on the recurrence tab.

2) If I try to open the recurring event not on It's starting year, it 
gives me an error during save operation. "Failed to save changes".
Example: Birthday starts in 1994 but I click on the 2012 event. Despite 
the fact it gives my "This is a recurring event..." and the option "All" 
is ticked, it fails to save. If the birthday is on or after year 2000, 
there is no error. Also if I go back to 1994 (Which is a pain because 
there is no "Go To date" option in Roundcube) and try to edit this 
event, it saves OK.

Any Ideas?

MfG Stefan Fröhlich
42 ;-)

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