Syncrotron: Exceptions of recurring calendar events

Sebastian Albrink mylists at
Sat Dec 29 15:37:17 CET 2012

Hi all,

I have some trouble syncing recurring calendar events (on Kolab 3). 
Whenever I delete one event of a recurring event (i.e. add an exception 
to the event), the exception is not synced to the mobile and vice versa 
(i.e. delete a particular event on the mobile that belongs to a 
recurring event).

In /var/log/kolab-syncrotron/console I see the exceptions that I add on 
the moblie. Exceptions added in Roundcube are not in the list. The kolab 
xml files contain only the exceptions made in Roundcube.

Does anyone experience the same problem? Btw, I am currently testing 
with an iPhone (just in case that matters).

Kind regards,

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