Kolab 3 Test Install Issues

Ian Coubrough ian at gibbetdale.net
Fri Dec 14 14:04:27 CET 2012


I have been evaluating the Kolab 3 release candidate installation on a 
CentOS 6.2 virtual machine:

So far I have these issues/comments:

1.  Creating a new Group
Although the program reports the group as being created, it does not 
appear under the list of groups,  investigation shows that the LDAP 
entry is created under the root dn and not ou=groups,  moving that entry 
manually corrects the problem

2. Creating a task
System responds with "Data not saved"

3. Creating a Calendar Entry
System responds with "Failed to save changes"

4. SyncKolab plugin for Firefox
Contacts existing in Kolab are correctly imported into Firefox, however 
contacts from Firefox do not appear in Roundcube  though they do appear 
in the Firefox Contacts folder (under the Kolab Account) in message 
format (Viewed in Firefox the Subject format is different on the 
contacts imported from Firefox  eg:  Kolab Contact subject 
7ef9eec2-45ed-11e2-8fd5-000c29c05c80,  Firefox import Subject: 

5.  Syncroton - Microsoft Active Sync:
Managed to connect my Galaxy S2 to the server, and emails are 
downloaded, but they are in SMime format and I have not managed to sort 
out the certification problem to allow me to read them - any help on 
this much appreciated.  This could be a Samsung problem as I have not 
tested on anything else.

6.  OwnCloud
I have downloaded and installed OwnCloud,  and I can browse to that 
application as https://my-server-address/owncloud, but I would be 
grateful if someone could point me in the right direction as to how to 
integrate this into Kolab/Roundcube.



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