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Aleksander Machniak machniak at
Thu Dec 13 13:05:11 CET 2012

On 12/13/2012 11:14 AM, Kuba wrote:
> [13-Dec-2012 10:29:55 +0100]: DB Error: _doQuery: [Error message: Could
> not execute statement]
> [Last executed query: PREPARE
> mdb2_statement_mysql_8e4694e56fff9fb627eae1884d7a550b275aa5203 FROM
> 'SELECT e.*, COUNT(a.attachment_id) AS _attachments FROM events AS e\n
> LEFT JOIN attachments AS a ON (a.event_id = e.event_id OR a.event_id =
> e.recurrence_id)\n       WHERE e.calendar_id IN (\'1\',\'2\')\n AND
> e.event_id=?']
> [Native code: 1140]
> [Native message: Mixing of GROUP columns (MIN(),MAX(),COUNT(),...) with
> no GROUP columns is illegal if there is no GROUP BY clause]
>  in
> /home/inside/domains/basenik/public_html/biuro/program/include/rcube_mdb2.php
> on line 285 (POST /?_task=calendar&_action=event?_task=&_action=)

I see you're using Roundcube 0.7, but what MySQL version it is? Are you
using Kolab or not? If not, then you should probably try git-master
versions of Roundcube and the plugin.

Aleksander Machniak
Web Developer, Kolab Systems AG
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