[Kolab-devel] OU Selection in "Add Users"

Franz Skale i.bin at dah.am
Mon Dec 3 15:58:44 CET 2012

i see the UI troubles too.
Create a new domain and select the new domain in the right corner.
There's a drop down menu.
Create the user then via the User TAB.

After that, the user will not be displayed in the selected domain but in
the default domain.
Be sure to use the new domain as the primary email address.
This works for me, but the UI should be updated to display users in the
domain it belongs to.
Also, before adding the domain add the rules in the kolab.conf too.
(Deployment guide)
Otherwise not folders will be created for the new user.
The domaincreation in cyrus works for me, though.
Perhaps you've an issue with your cyrus setup.
What is the output of:
kolab list-mailboxes


Am 03.12.12 15:45, schrieb Torsten Grote:
> Hi Erik!
> On Monday 03 December 2012 15:33:44 furlot wrote:
>> I will file a bug, and try to make a patch...
> Awesome! Thanks a lot! This is greatly appreciated :)
>> by cons I created a new user with the new domain and cyrus didn't created th
>> new domain and the new  user. I don't find anything in log. Is there
>> another conf file for imap domain?
> There are some additional debug options you could enable. Please search the 
> archive for those.
> Also, please make sure to reply to the list and not to me personally. There 
> are many other people on the list, that are more suitable to answer your 
> question ;)
> Regards,
> Torsten
> PS. Sorry, I sent this email by mistake at first to the kolab-users list...
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