Horde is allowing login when not using correct UID

Gavin McCullagh gavin.mccullagh at gcd.ie
Thu Apr 29 10:58:52 CEST 2010


On Wed, 28 Apr 2010, skipmorse at gmail.com wrote:

> Thanks both of you for the feed back, atleast I know it's a known
> issue. I agree that it's low prioirty, I'll likely just wait for the
> new version.

Without wishing to be a trouble maker, I don't particularly agree this is
low priority.

We're moving from an old Kolab v1 server which didn't do multiple domains
in a coherent way.  Our users currently have <firstname>.<surname> as their
username (using postfix/virtual for some non-default domain mapping). We
now need them to change their username to <firstname>.<surname>@<domain>
both in logging into kolab and cyrus.

We will of course be telling everyone, but if people don't get a "login
failed" from the old username, that is likely to cause us considerable

Does anyone know of a workaround which will prevent this?


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