How to combine kolab and posix groups

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Quoting Alexander Gran <alexg at>:

> Hi,
> I have an little issue here combining kolabs and unix groups. I'm managing my
> user accounts and groups with ldap account manager, and importing  
> the existing
> ones from a suse ox 5. Groups are created as posixGroup in ou=group,baseDN.
> nss access works fine, they appear as system groups.
> However I cannot use them in kolab, to .e.g. assign forlder rights to them.
> looking at the sources of admin/sharedfolder/sf.php I see that a  
> group must be
> of objectclass kolabGroupOfNames.
> As far as I understood ldap, you cannot combine that with the posixGroup
> schema. Both are structural.

Correct. You can't combine them. In fact I would say you should not  
even try do that.

Look at the core feature of a group: A group combines a number of  
members. If you look at the posixGroup you see that its member  
attribute is "memberUid" which identifies a user by the uid he has on  
a system. The kolabGroupOfNames however derives from groupOfNames and  
that uses the "member" attribute which is a DN within the LDAP tree.  
This is something completely different than the uid for the posixGroup.

I do not deny that there may be a mapping. But that mapping cannot be  
defined by simply merging the two object types. I'm interested to read  
about how Christian solved this problem.



> Any idea how to solve the mess?
> regards
> Alex
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