Fix for sasl authentication when using ldap addressbooks

Alexander Gran alexg at
Mon Apr 19 23:51:45 CEST 2010


there is a litte bug (?) in kolab that breaks sasl (and therefore cyrus, 
postfix, ..?) when you have multiple entries with the same uid/mail adress.
That happens, e.g. when a user has an address book under 
which is the case for me, as I migrate from an SuSE open exchange system.
The issue is as follows
The saslauthd asks the ldap daemon slapd for maximum of one entry, using this 
ldap_filter: (&(|(mail=%u@%d)(mail=%u)(uid=%u@%d)(uid=%u))(!
However this would return (in my case) 4 entires. Beeing asked for just one, 
slapd fails with something like
 conn=291 op=1 SEARCH RESULT tag=101 err=4 nentries=1 text=  [1]

I fixed that be setting 
ldap_filter: (&(|(mail=%u@%d)(mail=%u)(uid=%u@%d)(uid=%u))(!
If I'm right, posixAccounts can be uniquely identified by their uid/mail.

To the gurus on the list:
Am I right?
To google and the rest of the world: I hope I reduced some of your pain


Yes, it completely awkward to realize that
a.) This is an error message and
b.) That the reason is as described
Whoever created that log message should be hanged immediately


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