What about starting to use project-builder for native packages?

Gunnar Wrobel wrobel at pardus.de
Mon Apr 19 06:47:53 CEST 2010

Quoting Richard Bos <ml at radoeka.nl>:

> Op woensdag 14 april 2010 23:34:02 schreef Gunnar Wrobel:
>> Another reason for projectbuilder might be that we do not want to
>> fully rely on an external build service. I consider it important that
>> we are always able to build our own packages.
> This is very well possible as the code of the build service is fully open
> source.  Just download it from:
> http://gitorious.org/opensuse/build-service
> But the build service software is course offered via packages, that have been
> on the build service.  The can be downloaded from:
> http://download.opensuse.org/repositories/openSUSE:/Tools/ ;)
> As you can see in that repository, ISO's are being build and offered via the
> build service as well.  This way you can host your own build service.  This
> local build service can be connected with other build services.
> You should compare the build service as a code version repository, in this
> case it is a package version repository with all the bells and whistles.
> The openSUSE project offers free a free version of build service.  You can
> freely use it, if you want.

Ah, I wasn't aware of that. That makes it more attractive to me.

>> The fact that it currently has no OpenPKG support also means we would
>> have to wait a while until we can fully use it.
>> Anyhow: You made it clear that you'd still rather like to go the
>> OpenSUSE build service route. And I think it has the advantage of
>> being an easy solution.
>> But when I reconsidered the build service I thought we might also
>> simply use both. As far as I understand it we only need decent spec
>> files for the build service. Plus the source package. Is that right?
>> Both are things that are being delivered by project builder. So it
>> might be rather easy to do the basic template definition in the
>> project builder and only generate the source package and the spec for
>> the subsequent build service step. For all distros not supported by
>> the build service we could fully build the packages.
>> Do you think that might work?
> If you do it this way, you'll loose a lot of capabilities of the build
> service.  Project-builder seems to be for one-man-band projects and therefor
> smaller in scope.  If you compare PB to the build service it apparently lack
> many of its features, for
> example automatic rebuilding of dependent packages,

As we always do full releases I don't see that as necessary.

> package branching,

As I'll answer in more detail in response to your other mail I don't  
think this will be something we'll use either.

> project scoped user roles,

I think this is currently just mapped to access rights to our  
repository. Which I assume would stay this way.

> change request/review mechanism,

We would certainly keep out issue tracker.

> remote access to build logs,

This might be nice for continuous integration purposes.

> publishing control,

Currently our publishing control is named "Thomas" :)

> automation

Maybe nice for continuous integration.

> and user friendliness.


Thanks a lot for your feedback! I'm more interested in the build  
service now than I am before. I still have a few doubts but I think  
the concerns I had here are answered. The only open point I have here  
is that we don't know how fast OpenPKG support could be available. But  
as the code is open it should not be too hard to help ourselves there  
in case we really decide to go the obs way.

So let me continue the diskussion in the other thread...



> Further more the build service project is very open.  Lately many patches has
> been submitted by the community to make it possible to authenticate against
> ldap servers and the project added an additional release to support the Meego
> project:
> http://permalink.gmane.org/gmane.linux.suse.opensuse.buildservice/11091
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