Z-push Kolab backend Version 0.4

Alain Abbas alain.abbas at libertech.fr
Wed Apr 14 17:25:33 CEST 2010

hello all
the version 0.4 is ready

this Milestone has introduced a big step the flat Mode

We need your feeback and experience with the backend to improve it. Don 
t hesitate to post and ask us.


Features Added

* Mode
 ===Flat Mode ===
 In this mode all folders (Calendar, Contacts ) are represented on the 
mobile as a single calendar or contact address book. This mode
 is very usual for a mobile who doesn't support more than one calendar 
and contact.

 ===Folder Mode ===
 this mode display folders (Contacts, Calendar) as separated calendar or 
Contact address book on the mobile. For the moment i know
 just the iphone, ipod  who has this capabilty (see the table below)

The backend could determine which mode is the best for a Mobile type
For the moment just iphone and ipod support the folder mode.

* Complete subfolder support

For the moment with the standard setting user/* namespace and shared.* 
namespace are not synchronized.
if you want them set the right setting in the config-file ( but could be 
not lisible for a lot of calendars )
The next version will introduce an interface to select which folder we 
want on which device.

Corrected bugs :
* accents in folders
* space in folders
* memory leak
* problems with email field with Android
* Alarms of user/* namepace and shared was displayed
* Sensitivity Private events are shown for user/* namespace
* Sensitivity field support
* some malformed field (in phone number) can block the synchronization
* default folders : if default folder is missing the backend try to find 

Know bugs:
* exceptions in recurence don t work
* in contacts some fields are missing
* tasks are not implemented


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