stable outlook connector ?

Thomas Krause (Webmatic) tk at
Wed Apr 14 11:56:11 CEST 2010

the main reason for us to use a outlook connector
are the shared calendar. And this is not working as

1) WinXP german with all patches, Outlook 2003, latest
bynari connector: Outlook hangs occasionally when synchronising
with the server. User B doesn't sees dates inserted by User A

2) WinXP/Win7 german with all patches, Outlook 2007, second
last version: calendar entries multiply and stop working
Outlook. This is maybe fixed in the latest version.

3) WinXP germain with all patches, Outlook 2007, all versions:
Bug in setup programm: Could not load MSPST32.dll
Problem: wrong path
Fix: manual copy of the DLL in the expected path
Bynari ticket #DDR-805584

The bynari support is helfpul and tries to fix the problems,
- often the support wants to do a remote session to debug
   the problems. this requires support from our side,
   which nobody pays.
- we life in central europe and have time difference of
   7 hours ( 1-2 hours to to remote session)

We feel like beta testers! And we use our customers
for that!


Am 14.04.2010 02:25, schrieb Doug Finch:
> Hello Thomas,
> I saw your post in this forum today and wanted to respond to you personally.  Before responding to you, I wanted to verify your issue with my support and QA departments.  I do see where you have an open support ticket with us.  I also see that you have stopped responding to their attempts to contact you.
> I would preferred to have taken this issue offline, so that we can get to the bottom of your issue.  Without direct interaction from you I cannot be certain what the issue truly is.  It sounds like it could be something as simple as a licensing issue.  Again, to truly troubleshoot and resolve this issue, I would prefer we handle this through our normal support queue.
> I can say that we do have existing Kolab customers with larger installs than what you alluded to in your post.  I cannot say what the true cause of your issue is unless you allow interaction with my support team.  I can assure of this, we will work together with you to resolve the matter.
> All software has issues, we are no exception.  Our Insight Connector 3 Kolab version has some significant issues with it.  This is why we pulled it from our product lineup.  I will also say that we have had some issues with the earlier versions of connector 4.  My development team has spent the past several months working on stability and resolving top severity bugs.  This is the reason why we did not have a new release for a couple months for Kolab (since Oct-Nov 2009) and only released it 2 months ago.  There have been significant improvements in the product during that time.  This is why I am so puzzled/concerned by your comments. From all of the reports I am receiving, this is the most solid version of the connector to date.
> I would like to also state this, for the record; Bynari is committed to the Kolab community and building a connector that is stable, reliable, and performs well.  This is our top priority.  I am personally in charge of the development group and the direction of this product.  I welcome constructive feedback to my direct email address from any Kolab user regarding the Insight Connector.  I also urge you to work with my support department so that we can quickly and effectively resolve any/all issues between the Kolab server and the Insight Connector.
> Kind Regards,
> Doug Finch
> Vice President of IT
> Bynari, Inc.
> 222 W Las Colinas Blvd, Suite 1320N
> Irving, Tx  75039
> dfinch at
> (800)241-1086
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> Dear list,
> we are using the byari connector 4 at 3 customers - and this is
> a pain! This product is not usable in a production environment.
> Especially calendar and address book functions are buggy.
> Even though Bynari confirmes and fix the bugs, there are appears
> new bugs. Our customers are really unhappy with this product.
> What about the other Outlook connector alternatives? Does the
> are running stable with Oulook and there are new versions for
> Outlook 2010 in the pipeline?
> Best regards,
> Thomas.
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