What about starting to use project-builder for native packages? (was: Re: Next Suse Kolab version?)

Gunnar Wrobel wrobel at pardus.de
Tue Apr 13 14:58:22 CEST 2010

Quoting Gavin McCullagh <gavin.mccullagh at gcd.ie>:

> Hi,
> there seems to be quite a lot of talk of late around
>  - developing native packages for debian, suse, etc.
>  - openpkg becoming non-free
>  - security patching
> Is Openpkg still the recommended route to install a fresh Kolab server?


> If so, will it cease to be some time soon?

Yes. Though the exact time point is not yet determined. We are not  
going to support a Kolab server based on non-free software.

> Will there be some way to migrate if it does?

Yes, of course.

Switching the base distribution is nothing trivial. The general  
feeling of the developers and the companies involved with the Kolab  
server is that the recent OpenPKG-move left us no choice but moving  
away from this distribution.

Of course there were some reasons why we actually used it. You can  
install it on just any base distribution and so the Kolab server can  
be used in many different environments with a guaranteed stability.

On the other hand people tend to hate OpenPKG because they suddenly  
cannot use their favorite package management tools within /kolab  

So their are pros and cons. If somehow possible we are able to keep  
the pros and leave the cons behind :)

How we can achieve that is still open to debate. And so far there was  
not a lot of open debate yet. We know it is a pressing issue but there  
is no clear roadmap yet.

My personal tendency would be to provide packages for many  
distributions by using project-builder. And to achieve robustness of  
the system by using continous integration and automated testing. This  
is however not comparable to human testing. And it will not be easy to  
keep the same level of quality for all distributions as we currently  
can do it for the OpenPKG variant.

Of course OpenPKG could also be replaced by a similar system such as  
pkgsrc or Gentoo prefix. pkgsrc probably has a higher stability right  
now. And this would not solve the problem that many people are  
determined to run their Kolab natively. So it currently looks like we  
are not going to go that route.

My 2cts.



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