Let kontact accept ssl certificate forever

Albrecht Dreß albrecht.dress at lios-tech.com
Thu Apr 1 17:05:35 CEST 2010

Hi all,

this might be a slightly off-topic question...

I run Kontact on an Ubuntu 9.10 box, using the packaged version 4:4.3.2-0ubuntu6 (btw., is the a newer "official" deb available?).  The Server is Kolab 2.2.3, using a CA certificate issued by "my own" CA.  Each time I try to connect to the server, Kontact nags that the certificate is not trusted, *although* I always say to trust it forever.

Is there any magic how I can let Kontact *always* accept a certificate, or (better) let Kontact pick up a specific CA certificate?

Thanks, Albrecht.

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