Global Sieve scripts

Cristian Livadaru cristian at
Mon Oct 19 21:43:25 CEST 2009

Hi Kolab list,

since lately everyone is talking about spam, is there a way to create  
global sieve scripts in kolab?
I have the problem that spamassassin recognizes a lot of spam and  
marks it as spam, but it's pretty useless as long as the mails still  
get delivered to the inbox.
I don't want to create rules for each user and I don't want to explain  
my users how to set up sieve rules with some new software.
It's actually quite simple with horde but these users don't use horde  
all they know about is Thunderbird and most users are pretty much only  
users and I would like to keep their life simple (which also makes my  
life simpler :) )
So, long story short ... how can I setup global sieve filters with  
Kolab or do I have to write a script to create a sieve script for each  

Cristian Livadaru
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