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On Sun, Jun 22, 2008 at 12:57 PM, Johannes Graumann
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> Johannes Graumann <johannes_graumann <at>> writes:
>> Hi,
>> After havin sucessfully setup a fresh 2.2-rc3 system, I'm experimenting with
>> how
>> to transfer my 2.1 data over to it. mailboxes are easy (mbox), but when
>> transfering contacts I for example loos all custom categories I defined for
>> them
>> *no matter whether using vcards or ldif ...). Can anyone advisse how to do
>> this?
>> Also: what's the best way to migrate calendar/ttask entries?

Maybe you have a problem with the IMAP annotation.
You must copy your contact in a folder with the correct annotations.
You can create such a folder using a 'kolab aware' email client
like Kontact or Horde.

Hope this help

>> Thanks, Joh
> Just to clarify: I'm not talking about ldap-resident contacts *as there is some
> WIKI information on this topic available(, but groupware/imap contacts. I can
> export those just fine as an mbox file and import them again, but I loose all of
> my quite extensive category data ... will it help to precreate the categories
> ... slinks off to try it ...
> Joh
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