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Bernhard Reiter bernhard at
Mon Jun 16 15:33:01 CEST 2008

Am Montag, 16. Juni 2008 13:17:33 schrieb Jay Hall:
> While researching open source groupware, I ran across Kolab and it
> appears to be exactly what I am looking for.  A couple of questions came
> to mind which I cannot find answers to.
> 1.  I understand users can share contact lists.  Is it possible to setup
> a global address list for users and for them to have a private address
> list?

Two methods:
a) use a directory service and have the client ask via the LDAP protocol
for the global address list
b) Use a folder of a group account and give all users read (or write) access

> 2.  Will Kolab sync with a Blackberry type device?  From what I have
> read, I believe it will, but want to make sure.

No (for 80% of how I understand the question).
Kolab Server provides an IMAP interface, AFAIK blackberries need to have the 
email be routed via their servers. I would assume they can fetch this from an 
IMAP server, however the Kolab solution potentially uses several imap folders 
for incoming emails and I am not sure if blackberries' servers can do this as 
well.  As for contacts and appointments, you could install extra software to 
sync on the Blackberry, now the Kolab Server would need to be able to send 
the data. There is a highly experimental version of the Horde client that 
enables some version of Syncml. So no, this is not a stable enterprise 
solution yet. Having a connection piece to funambol might be interesting at 
some point, but also this is not yet developed.


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