*** Solved *** Re: Mails from gmail, yahoo are getting corrupted...

Sylvain MEDEOT symedeot at yahoo.fr
Mon Jun 16 10:22:01 CEST 2008

Many thanks for your answer.

My Kolab version is 2.1 (migrated from a 2.0).

I tried of course to check at different levels of the mail process 
without success...

I had amavis deactivated in the interface but, after further checking, I 
found that it was still running.

I then run a :
/kolab/bin/openpkg rc amavisd stop

And all mails coming in are right now.

The question is how can mail enter amavis since it was deactivated in 
the interface. Next question is to see what happens in the amavis 
process that damaged the headers.

I don't have too much time to investigate on it but I am sure that no 
changes were done to the setup of kolab when the problem happens.

I will investigate this issue later since there is a mail proxy before 
kolab running all the antispam-antivirus process.

Kind regards,

Sylvain :
> Sylvain MEDEOT <symedeot at yahoo.fr> writes:
>> After further checking, I found that Content-Type: header is missing in the mails mentionned.
>> Which part ok kolab can be responsible of such removal  ?
> The mail is routed through postfix, spamassassin, amavisd, clamav and
> the kolab specific filters. So there are a lot of components that
> could be checked.
> Do you know how the mail queuing works to try to debug the routing
> process? The main point would be to determine at which step the header
> gets lost as this would help to identify the culprit.
> Cheers,
> Gunnar
>> Any help welcome,
>> Kind regards,
>> Sylvain
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