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Tue Jun 10 16:47:43 CEST 2008

Volker Stoppe a écrit :
> Hallo togehter!
> I have a big problem with mail delivery / recieving in Kolab. Let me  
> discribe it in Form of a fable. The rabbit sends the fox a letter. But the  
> fox does not recieve any letter. The fox watches the postman putting the  
> mail in his letterbox, but when he opens it, there is no letter.
> My postfix says that the receipient has received a mail, but it never  
> reaches his mailbox. The reciepient recieves mails from every other  
> domain/mailaccount, but not from this special account. This is definitely  
> reproduceable. Dozen of other users use this mailserver without  
> complaining. Maybe somebody could have a look over the postfix.log and  
> gets a clue. I couldn't find anything else in other log-files I looked in  
> (all cyrus-logs).
> I use the Debian binaries of Kolab 2.1 with Debian Sarge.
> Thanks for having a look and posting ideas in advance
> Volker Stoppe
Hi Volker,

Your Postfix seems to deliver correctly emails to Cyrus's LMTP. In Cyrus 
logs, normally you must find lines of this type :

<debug> lmtp[31848]: executed
<debug> lmtp[31848]: accepted connection
<debug> lmtp[31848]: connection from localhost.localdomain [] 
preauth'd as postman
<debug> lmtp[31848]: append_fromstage: message 25762 added to!
<info> lmtp[31848]: Delivered: <45629.youpi at> to mailbox:!
<debug> lmtp[31848]: mystore: starting txn 2147485494
<debug> lmtp[31848]: mystore: committing txn 2147485494
<debug> lmtp[31848]: duplicate_mark: <45629.youpi at>     
.fox+ at 1213105209 0

You have to find the line containing "Delivered". If it does not appears 
in logs, maybe fox's mailbox does not have the right ACLs. You can check 
them by using :

#~ cyradm -u manager localhost
localhost.localdomain> lam *user/fox*
user/fox at (\HasNoChildren)
    fox at lrswikxtecda

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